Toshiba IT-Services - Committed to working closely with people and society.

TOSHIBA IT-SERVICES CORPORATION is an IT service company which is a part of the Toshiba Group.
We provide the best services possible in order to satisfy our customers based on past experience and results, and strive to provide support for our customers' continued growth.
We are also committed to contributing to both our customers and society at large by creating new services and maintaining a shared sense of values for building relationships of trust with our customers.
As the best possible partner for our customers, we support the life cycle of IT systems, and will continue to provide the best services possible in order to maintain the trust placed in us by our customers.

Our 3 Commitments Underpinning Your Invaluable IT Systems

Safety:We provide "Safety" with our excellent staff and thorough superb assistance schemes.Quality:We provide superb "Quality" services in a wide range of business areas.Speed:We provide "Speedy" services by mobilizing our excellent technical abilities through our nationwide service network.
We at TOSHIBA IT-SERVICES CORPORATION will ensure that our customers' invaluable IT systems give their best throughout their entire life by providing support and services underpinned by our unwavering commitments to "Safety", "Quality", and "Speed".
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